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What is it?

Visualizing data correctly is an essential part of how data is perceived and it can play a vital rol in decision making. Many information dashboards fail to satisfy those who use them and are often under-utilized or abandoned after just a few months. This is a sad reality indeed since dashboards have the potential to significantly improve the effectiveness of users and save them a great deal of time.

Designed by industry experts, updated by Credon, this course equips participants with the fundamental principles and best practices that enable them to design visual information dashboards that:

  • Can be reviewed by users quickly and without forcing them to click through filters and selectors that erode productivity and long-term dashboard traction
  • Make problems and opportunities within the organization “pop” so that they get noticed
  • Enable users to see potentially causal relationships between metrics to help determine why a problem has occurred and how to respond to it

You will get better at:
  • The definition of what a dashboard is (and isn’t), and what a dashboard should do as opposed what should be left to other types of information displays
  • Effective dashboard organization and layout practices that enable rapid visual scanning, with examples of well-designed dashboards
  • Compact information display techniques that enable large numbers of metrics to be shown on a single screen
  • Graph types that work well on dashboards and those that don’t
  • The importance of displaying contextual values such as targets, historical averages, and the like alongside current values to highlight metrics that require attention
  • Steps in the dashboard design process
  • 13 common dashboard design mistakes and how to avoid them


€300/half day


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Kris Adant

BI Trainer for 12 years

What do you love about BI?
BI makes people happy. In our job, we see a quick and direct positive impact on what we’ve created at all levels of the company. Putting a smile on people’ faces when they realise that the new BI system solves a frustration is what makes me happy.

What do you love about teaching?
Seeing people get enthusiastic from understanding something new. I also learn a lot from the people who follow the course. In this way, both the student and the teacher stays up to data.

Jeroen Beunckens

BI Trainer for 2 years

What do you love about BI?
To give people the ability to trust their data and therefore take well-informed decisions. 

What do you love about teaching?
Teaching a person a new  skill! The skill to create your own visualisations and gain insights, you never knew you had. 

Gerrit Van Even

BI Trainer for 4 years

What do you love about BI?
Ever since I was a child, I’ve had something with lists. I made neat overviews of my comic strip collection, my music collection, etc. I then combined these to find out which other comics would suit my preferences. My child’s brain was already triggered by data. And not much has changed since then; only more available data and better tools to do something useful with it.

What do you love about teaching?
Explaining complex thought patterns in an understandable way is like kneading a multitude of data streams into an accessible story that leads to insights. Witnessing the Aha-erlebnis of the students is simply priceless!

Sajjad Malik

BI Trainer for 9 years

What do you love about BI?
Using technology to generate insights that allow me to make factual decisions. I love finally being able to read data.

What do you love about teaching?
Being able to spread the “good word” of data literacy. I love seeing people’s reactions when they, finally, figure out how powerful analytics truly are.